Star Defenders 3D is an unfinished project of arena-like browser first-person-shooter that is built around ideas of destructible voxel world and relative projectile velocities.

So far you can play against AI players or even real players (peer-to-peer).

Controls: W, S, A, D, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Left Mouse Button, Right Mouse Button, Mouse Wheel Click, Space, Ctrl, Esc, Enter and Tab.

Works best in webkit browsers, not perfectly though (Chrome tends to rarely apply random turns in fullscreen that make no sense), looks like it is rather unplayable in Firefox (mouse events ignored? Also no pixelated version of canvas display).


Worlds & most of the colors are generated randomly, matches are endless and it works best in webkit-like browsers (for some of them like Opera - UDP needs to be enabled in browser settings). Keep in mind that once you press Quick Play - you can be connected to other players, directly.

It works on mobile too, but I doubt performance and orientation is any good there (and since last update most phones just run out of memory).


This is a little fun project I work with from time to time. Not sure what, when and if it will become anything more serious.

Development log


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i love this game but i cant play with people online

yo this is so cool! Makes me wish it had themed maps similar to thing thing arena 3, as it's gameplay reminds me of a mix of that and a classic 90s arena shooter. Love how the arena slowly gets covered with blood over time as well lol. Wonder if the same effect can be accomplished with shell casings/spent mags? Seeing them litter the environment would be so neat. Again tho really great work definitely going to find myself coming back to this one often :) 

Had ragdolls merging into environment but disabled it for the sake of performance. But shells and magazines scattered around sounds great too :)

I might continue to work on this game at some point but should finish my primary project so far. Thank you for checking out! :)

I like the idea of the game and how arena changes mid fight. Though I miss there weapons changing by middle mouse roller. And also some pickup stuff, like weapons,  medkits, etc.